Ludo Collingwood  has built his career as a full time artist since 1985. Concerned about the depletion of native species and habitats both in his homeland of Australia as well as in American, Ludo has focused his work on wildlife.

Passionate by nature, Ludo is also a keen photographer and birdwatcher. These close observations of living creatures and the natural environment enable Ludo to produce the most intricately detailed oil paintings that accurately depict the animals and birds physiology and unigue characteristics. Ludo then uses the actions and interactions of the subject characters to convey certain contemporary messages dear to the artist's heart and reflect his subtle, yet poignant sense of humor. 

The Wild West presents the artist's unique viewpoint of wildlife native to the Yellowstone Park area of the U.S.

Signed by artist - Limited Edition

While I Was Out Someone Stole my House features native Australian wildlife in a unique plea for the preservation of the world's rain forests.

Signed Limited Edition. Printed on cotton paper with vegetable dyes, this is indicative of Ludo's commitment to our resources and environment.

Sanoran Symphony depicts the flora and fauna of the southwest desert in the U.S.

Signed Limited Edition

Cards by Ludo

Beautiful cards featuring artwork by Ludo are now available - the perfect card for all occasions! The Electus card (pictured below) was the cover design for the 6th issue of the "ORIGINAL FLYING MACHINE." These high quality cards measure approximately 4" wide x 6" high (side fold), blank inside, suitable for all occasions or to give as a gift! They can even be matted, framed and hung on your wall!

South American Symphony

Eclectus Trio

Aussie Orchestra

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